Giddh, January 24, 2020

Benefits of online invoicing for small business

Most small business owners search for technological solutions to problems that affect any financial issues, and invoicing is one such activity. As a business owner, invoicing is a repetitive yet critical every-day task. And this is where online invoice generators can come in handy**.** When you have an invoice generator then it can play a vital role in fund transactions between your customers. When companies use online accounting software to create invoices online, it benefits them and their clients in multiple ways.

Invoicing is an important function for any small business, and for your company to thrive you will have to think about investing in an online invoicing for small businesses; this is mainly because it will ensure a positive profit margin, in the long run. As the owner, you will want to go for invoicing solutions for small businesses because the traditional methods of creating, printing, and mailing paper invoices are tedious, costly, and time-consuming. When you take up online billing software for small business, you will notice an efficient way of requesting and tracking payments from clients, along with being eco-friendly.

Important features of billing software for small business:

The features listed below are quite common in most invoicing software for small business:

Generating a new invoice:

If you want to go for a software that supports invoicing for small businesses, then ensure it has a feature that allows you to create professional and clean invoices that can be customized to match your brand. The software should extract important information from various projects, timesheets, and customer records. It should also disable invoice duplication.

Producing customer records:

Once you are creating invoices for small businesses, the next feature you need to look for is summarizing the customers’ purchase information and attaching them to files that are relevant and present in a centralized database. The database should come with a search filter, and you can use it to access records of a specific customer.

Accepting online payment/credit cards:

The free online invoicing for small business software that you choose must save you time and help with the billing process. It should be enabled to process credit cards and allow recurring billing while securing customer management. There is online billing software for small business available that will process auto-bill cards; this will help clients pay on time and not miss any deadlines.

Predefined templates for communication:

When looking for invoicing solutions for small business, you must look for a system that will provide you with predefined communication that is relevant and appealing. This is because the visual elements of the bills are as vital as their accuracy. This will save you time and allow you to customize the accounting process while making it suitable for your brand.

Setting relevant currencies:

A billing software for small business should have a feature that includes connecting bills and invoicing systems. This will allow basic financial operations to integrate smoothly into the rest of your software architecture. With invoicing software for small business, you can opt for multiple currency features because they are useful for issuing receipts, accepting payments, managing taxes, and so on. This is important if you are working with international companies.

Import and export customers:

When it comes to invoicing for small business, you need to take software that includes a function which allows you to send quotes to customers within a few seconds. This is because a central database will include stored information that can be accessed at any time.

Payments, invoices, and tax reports:

The best online invoicing for small business software will eliminate any need for external systems, especially if it’s for tax reports. Usually, you can generate invoices and tax reports in the system, without spending time summarizing information.

Initiating paperless transactions: If you go for free online invoicing for small businesses, then you can take advantage of the unique selling point which is a massive reduction in paper-based bills and invoices. This is great if you opt for mobile-based software because it renders paper copies obsolete.

Time and money are the most important resources in business management. So if you want your business output to improve, you should be targeting these two elements. One of the key areas where you can save your time and money, plus get increased efficiency in return, is invoicing. It makes your work easier, cheaper, and faster and it renders other benefits to your business; here are a few of them:

Save time

There are businesses that still operate on the traditional business model wherein invoices are created at the end of each billing period, then printed and then mailed to the customer. A lot of time is consumed in this process from creation to delivery of the invoices. Moreover, there is a risk involved if the invoice gets lost in the mail. Online invoicing lets you create and distribute multiple invoices quickly without the tedious job of entering the billing information twice for each customer. Also, tracking the bills can be done in a few seconds. There’s a lot of time that you save in the overall process. So, switch to online invoicing without having any second thoughts.

When you use invoicing software to make a fully detailed invoice, then it will let you and your customer seal the deal with extreme peace of mind as it allows for easier filing and future lookup. You can also choose from various designs and templates that will reflect your company’s image the best.

When you make use of an invoice generator, it allows you to save a huge chunk of money and time. The modernized version of online invoice software includes inbuilt templates that let business owners customise various fields, add/remove details, etc.

Time is a valuable currency and you need to save it as much as you can; this can be done with online invoicing for small businesses because it will help you create and send many invoices. Once you begin saving time during the invoicing process, you will spend a lot more time on essential business activities like enhancing conversions, managing your staff, and spending the extra time looking at important documents. Free online invoicing for small business reduces the time that is spent between sending an invoice and receiving payment. With a credible invoice software, you are ensured that the invoice has reached the right person and you will receive a notification when an invoice is opened and read by the customer.

Reduce cost

You cannot ignore the cost of papers, envelopes and stamps used during invoicing. If you owe a SME, this cost can make even more difference. So you can reduce your costs significantly by adopting reliable accounting software like Giddh and cutting off the expenses on stationary as well as on document storage. Also, one person is sufficient to handle online invoicing along with the fact that he can still do it in a shorter time. So you save cost on other resources too.

Businesses tend to have a lot of paperwork, but that can be left in the past with billing software for small businesses. When you take up online software, you don’t need papers, envelopes, stamps, and storage. This major shift can lead to savings for your company, in cost and space. Online invoicing is quite the revolution for small businesses because it saves you time that you will end up spending on processing and preparing paper records. An invoicing software for small business will take care of the unnecessary steps and costs from you. Not to mention the stress that creeps in when you lose those paper-based invoices and you have no backup. WIth online backups, you no longer have to worry!

Access anytime, anywhere

One of the best advantages of online invoicing is that you can access the records anytime, anywhere. You need not wait to get back to your office to do that or be dependent on your accountant. If yours is a small business, you can even generate bills while you are in transit or waiting for a meeting to start. It’s that quick and easy. More

When it comes to online invoicing, client information management becomes easy. You don’t have to be physically present in your office to find, send, or do anything with your invoices. The cloud system will require internet connectivity, and you will be able to access invoice data from anywhere, even your smartphones. When your invoices are properly organized with invoicing software for small business then it will save you time and keep you from losing your cool. Online invoicing can help you organize and manage your invoices easily and search for any information regarding them.

Make payments easy for your clients

Online invoicing software by some companies like Giddh makes the work easier not only at your end but also at your client’s end. If you use an advanced online invoicing tool, you get additional features of sending friendly reminders to your clients, offering them different payment options, tailoring invoice design for each client for a professional approach, and initiating the payments with just one click.

A good business sense

You are expected to be prompt and efficient with your services and delivery. In case of payment, so should the clients. If you implement online invoicing, you have to worry less about the delays and barriers of payment.

On the contrary, there are chances of receiving faster payments, having a better cash flow and more time and money to grow your business.

Receiving fast payments can be done with billing software for small businesses. No business owner wants to go through delayed invoices because they can incur late fees. Billing software will help your company avoid delayed invoices by planning set dates, for regular invoices, and setting them up in the billing cycle. Since the software is user friendly, it can create an invoice for upfront/one-off payments; it can also set an automatic billing process for regular clients.

Creating invoices for small business online will reduce overhead costs and allow business owners to request an online invoice payment anytime and at any location. Delivering invoices on the same day, using software to track when the bills are opened, and offering online payment are all great ways of speeding up the payment process.

Provides a chance for branding

This is an understated advantage of invoicing software for small businesses, but it’s quite beneficial to your business (when done right). All the communication done for your business should be professional and on-brand, a free online invoicing for small business can allow your company to customize the templates for each client. This can be done while making sure it matches your company’s brand.

You can include logos, customized designs, and web addresses, to help promote a positive message about the company’s reputation and help build goodwill. As a small business owner, you must see every invoice as a potential branding opportunity.

A systemized process

You can make more out of your invoicing software by setting up a process to get the best out of online invoicing. You can send the invoices on a fixed day every month. This will make the client aware of your regularity and promote the chances of regular payment from them. You can also notify them of a small penalty for late payment. This will remind them not be late. However, you can cut a bit of slack for your loyal customers if they have a fairly good record. Software like Giddh has plenty of reporting options. You can review them and even get customized reports so that you’re aware of all your incoming and outgoing cash flow.

Proper organization

Online invoicing allows all your information to be in one place, rather than in multiple huge bundles of paperwork. This makes the managing as well as the searching of information easier than ever. You can manage client information and billing both from one web application. So you’re saved from the hassle for distributed tasking too. A properly organized system reduces the chance for any errors and improves work efficiency.

One of the major invoicing solutions for small business includes automatic tracking of invoices. This process makes it easy for the staff to be updated with payment statuses and audit information. Instead of checking your bank account for payment confirmation, the billing software will track the status of your software and alert you if they are past the due date.

Gaining insight into customer payment behaviour will allow small business owners to set reminders or personalized payment terms. This organization process will ensure that payments are done in time, and the financial health of the company is good. Keeping a track of the payment statuses and retaining invoice copies will also make the audit-trail easy.

By switching to modern-day invoice software you save resources and money, so it’s highly suggested that you choose a reputed brand especially one that has been in the industry for years. When looking for an online invoice generator look for companies with good reviews and a strong platform. The brand has to have a skilled and specialized staff of technicians, and they should have a reputation for hard work, dedication, and honesty. A small business accounting software needs to follow a simple method of managing, generating and properly sending invoices. Also, when you’re using invoice templates for your company, ensure that you are careful when filling in any information and that you don’t miss out on any important detail.


Receiving payments means solvency. Billing software for small businesses will provide you with reminders that can help you with solvency. You can set reminders and notes for each client, and notify them of payment and due dates, even after they are expired. This feature is quite useful. This is vital because sometimes the client will have too much on their plates to remember paying off bills, on time and so will you. A friendly reminder can be a great help in these cases.

Eliminates Errors

An invoicing software for small business includes simple ways to correct information, and it does so by editing invoices just like any other text document. With an invoicing software, you no longer have to worry about missing information and invalid numbers.

So, whether you are a freelancer, a startup founder, or a small business owner, you need to understand that the market is competitive. This means that businesses of all sizes will consistently look for ways to save money while increasing profits. Choosing the right online billing software for small business, which has relevant features, should be considered when switching from traditional to online invoicing processes.

By taking the monotony that arises due to manual invoicing. Invoicing software like Giddh enables business owners to focus their time on things that matter.

So whether you want to go for online invoicing right away or get some more details on this, feel free to contact team Giddh who’s there to help you 24×7.