Financial Trends in 2020 for Start-ups

Of late, India has emerged as a viable option for startups across the globe. The everlasting success of big e-commerce and retail giants like Amazon,

How can a small business manage HR through accounting software?

Human resources don’t work like any other resource. They cannot be quantified in any way and need a lot of personal orientation. Yet, there are

Own a Small Business? Here are 5 ways Online Accounting Software can benefit you

Write the success story of your business with the help of cloud accounting. Pyaare Mohan, owner of a small and growing business, started his business two years back and has so far performed well.

Finance basics How to forecast expenses?

Forecasting equals saving money and reducing wastage. Crucial enough for a good business? It really is.

Why Your Startup Needs An Online Accounting Software?

Today we look at 4 different ways startups and entrepreneurs can manage their finances with the aid of an online accounting software.

What makes Giddh the most complete accounting software?

Realizing the need of simplifying complex accounting , being precise about the records, getting more work done in a short time, and reducing losses

Want long-term profit? Try these 5 tips

In the last blog, we learnt about the two kinds of profit margins you should know in order to maximize overall profit. This is the second blog in the

How to optimize profit?

Two same-scale companies in the same business, yet sometimes one makes more profit than the other.How? Right technologies and smart strategies

3 non-finance tips for perfecting your startup’s finance

There are habits that you end up cultivating at the start of your business,that eventually don’t leave you. Startup founders therefore should begin with inculcating some basic rules to run their business. These rules often help them in better finance management leading to the growth of their business.

Finance basics How to forecast growth?

If you wish to be mighty, you should rise more often than you fall. But falling is something you cannot avoid. In business, you must make projections

Finance basics How to forecast revenue?

Every business begins with tall orders because you have dreams and aspirations. Most of our goals are based on some of those dreams. You must have noticed, often your initial goals

Why accounting software is a bus to future that you cannot miss?

If in five years, you still find yourself or your staff making offline entries of bills, invoices and sending payment reminders, you probably