Financial Trends in 2020 for Start-ups

Of late, India has emerged as a viable option for startups across the globe. The everlasting success of big e-commerce and retail giants like Amazon,

Business Reporting Tools Turning Data into Information & Information into Insight.

Analysis has never been easier, more productive and immensely profitable with the Giddh Dashboard and its business reporting tools!

11 Simple Money Management Strategies Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

Excited to have launched your new business? These money management strategies would help you save money on all fronts. If you are a small business owner,

Want to Increase the Value of Your Business? Accurate Accounting is the Answer.

Accurate accounting not only makes the tax season a breeze but also helps in effective cost cutting and increasing the value of your business.

GST and its Impacts on Indian SME’s Working Capital

Let’s continue with our conversation about working capital and see how GST impacts the working capital of small and medium scaled enterprises.

Emerging trends in Accounting

As change becomes a necessity for growth, small businesses can refuel their business growth by being aware of the latest accounting trends.

Still Managing Finances on bahi-khaate? 5 Reasons You Should Do Away With Manual Accounting This Diwali (And What To Do Instead.)

This week marks the five-day festival of Diwali, celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs around the world. During Diwali,

How To Choose The Best Accounting Software for Your Business

Choose the best accounting software for your business which will help you save time, money, & have a better understanding of your business.

5 Simple Financial Ratios to Evaluate the Health of your Business Updated for 2020 with Examples

Understanding and tracking key financial ratios is a business owner’s best bet and a key ingredient in the recipe for growth and success.

How To Get Paid Faster? Simple Tips To Getting Paid Promptly

Today we talk about simple yet effective way technology can help business owners be on top of their invoicing and keep the payment drama at bay.

A Beginner’s Guide to Working Capital.

What is working capital? Why do you need it? Let’s take a detailed look at working capital for small businesses.

Finance basics How to forecast expenses?

Forecasting equals saving money and reducing wastage. Crucial enough for a good business? It really is.

Most common small business accounting mistakes

Making good turn-overs and earning a name in the market is every business’ goal. But that’s always easier said than done.

3 non-finance tips for perfecting your startup’s finance

There are habits that you end up cultivating at the start of your business,that eventually don’t leave you. Startup founders therefore should begin with inculcating some basic rules to run their business. These rules often help them in better finance management leading to the growth of their business.

5 ways small business owners waste their money

Is your customer always on your mind? Same is with us. We are always curious about what our customers want, what they like, what’s eating them, what their needs are and such. During some of our conversations, we realized small business owners sharing about how they end up wasting money. Apart from helping them out with their finance management, we created a list of money-wasters. Let’s check them out.

Finance basics How to forecast growth?

If you wish to be mighty, you should rise more often than you fall. But falling is something you cannot avoid. In business, you must make projections